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“You will bury everyone”

The Biden family has been recorded by a once Biden insider, Tony Bobulinski, who apparently has a recording of the Bidens begging him to stay quiet. Now, this may not be readily apparent but this would be a huge blow for the Biden campaign. Trading signals Asia has found that Biden may have made as much as $40 million during his time at the vice presidency. 

There have been attempts through now obtained messages to conceal Joe Biden involvement in his son’s foreign illegal affairs and yet, photos of Hunter Biden with Barack Obama in the white house have been found on Hunters laptop as well as a picture of Malia Obamas JP morgan credit card next to cocaine. The scandal is deep and is being censored by big tech companies. Trading signals Asia expects that this will light a fire post elections if Biden wins as spikes on internet searches for how to change vote explode.

In the markets:

Trading signals Asia is still expecting weakens in the dollar, this should occur today and push foreign currencies higher. The question will be if we get the push higher will there be more energy tomorrow to continue surging or will markets collapse? Trading signals Asia will identify those trends for you, and using a combination of short term binary signals and longer-term trading signals we can efficiently cover our risk.

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