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World wide protests!

The world has been flipped upside down this year as there seems to be a big change to our freedoms that are quietly being put in place for the long term. Black lives matter protestors seem to be unaware that the entire BLM movement is a white funded political tool and is only serving to create a divide and build a case for the elections in favor of the democrats. But this strategy is backfiring as Trump gains more popularity in the polls!

Indeed as the opposition becomes more desperate as we near the elections we will see things get even crazier. On the Covid-19 front, people are becoming more impatient with the measures imposed on them, and their liberty slowly is taken away as mass protests take place around Europe on Saturday to reduce the measures placed in by the governments.

Today expect to see a stronger dollar and the run higher in prices in GBPUSD, EURUSD and gold be erased over the day with the continued trend lower in prices tomorrow in these pairs.

Trade now!

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