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What is the benefit of mass unemployment?

A trend we will see more and more is the rate of housing prices and rental prices steeply declining as prices will have to be lowered to accommodate demand.prices were already way over the wage amount forcing most young adults to live in shared accommodations. In general, the price of everyday goods will have to be lowered or businesses will be forced to shut down, and there will be significant opportunity to start businesses again but it won’t be for another 2 years.

As the dollar weakens, commodities like gold have been getting a lot of attention, but there is a high risk of a correction in price which leads us to believe we could see a short term stronger dollar before elections come in, but overall we are long term short on the dollar. With today being Friday, keep your risk tight and limit the number of trades, this week was a tough week with markets undecided and if we get a big range day today, we will have a better idea next week on a trade direction!

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