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Warning signs

 The markets last week proved extremely difficult as what appears to be a particular bias is being built into the market. We believe a large move is due to come into the market and will be monitoring how the market trades this week.

It is recommended to keep trading light and also to keep low risk on trades until we can get a firm direction in price, with short term day trades till then. The most efficient way to use the signals is that once price trades in the intended direction and hits a level of profitability, you want to start aggressively reducing your risk because markets can turn around the end of the day especially in market environments like this.

Toward the end of this week, we will give out an update on the market crash we see occurring and provide a chart with this information. For now, here is what we see for the day.


Our target is 1.0860


Our target is  1.2150


Our target is 1.3850


Our target is  1780.00

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