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War is a reasonable thought for the year…

With the rise of power in China bring it to the ranks of the second largest contributor to the world, it seems there is a lot of speculation regarding China and the leaked coronavirus on the world. YouTube has even been reported it says it will remove any videos that involve talking negatively about the WHO organization, which means free speech belongs to the history books!

Aside from war between countries, there seems a real prospect of civil unrest between people, and the world will no longer be a divide on race, but rather on those who obey staying at home and those who want to reopen the economy! Coronavirus has disrupted the entire world and we can only hope the conspiracy that China provoked this to weaken world economies for a rise to power is not true because if china makes moves that would threaten the US then we will see war.

If there is war, the oil price will go to the moon, gold +3k as well as silver, stay alert!

Today we should see a weak dollar, high unemployment claims and a sell off in the stock market:


TARGET: 1.0900


TARGET: 1.2520


TARGET:  1.4030


TARGET: 1750.00


TARGET: 245.00

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