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Voting from beyond the grave…

The secretary of state in Colorado is under scrutiny as the mailing list included people who have been dead for many years and also people who are non-citizens of the US to encourage them to vote. We think it’s fair to say this is not the first warning sign of rigging votes and there may be more stories like this to help increase the number of voters more likely for the democrats as they are fighting with everything they have this year to get in power.

Of course, political views aside, if they manage this, they will destroy the US economy as their agenda is far from the interest of the people but more for the global power and their club of crooks and pedophiles.

In the markets:

The dollar has maintained strength, so now the question is do we see another surge in price to push foreign currencies like GBP and EUR further down against the dollar? We will be seeking to stay bearish for now unless prices give a clear indication of a shift, but bear in mind this week is an NFP week and prices can be very choppy at the start of a new month.

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