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Trial patient for Covid vaccine dies

A Brazilian volunteer for the novel vaccine has passed away sending the share price of the pharma giant AstraZeneca into a plunge, although the company has come forward to state that the patient was actually given a placebo for the trial, it seems that there is far too many conflicts of interest on the matter to take their word at face value.

Consider that their first trial for vaccines placed two volunteers ill and had the FDA force them to shut it down. Their profits would skyrocket if they come up with a vaccine that even remotely just works, hence would they really risk having another shut down, especially if someone died on the vaccine trial due to the vaccine?

In the markets:

We saw as expected a strong GBP and weaker USD over the day yesterday. Today we are expecting something similar but in reverse, we will be watching for a stronger GBP at the start of the day with a weak to consolidating USD and then over the course of the day seeing USD strengthen as mix sentiment comes in with the election. Note that we have GBP central bank speakers and economic data from the US so the GBPUSD so be a big mover again for today.

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