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There are more day traders than ever

The availability of brokers offering zero commissions and now the government subsidy money to help individuals during the times of the lockdowns have opened up the floodgates for online trading. But the issue is that most don’t consider how or why they are trading, and don’t use resources like Trading Signals Asia to boost their trading and have a guide to show where the markets are going. This is why trading signals Asia is now offering a premium live trading session for all our followers.

In the market front, we are seeing a weaker dollar which has finally come to light and therefore it should push up foreign currencies and gold, but remember not every pair is the best to trade right now, as GBPUSD is stuck ranging while EURUSD is currently outperforming on the upside so we should continue to see up days in EURUSD and then GBPUSD should follow soon.

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