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The world has lost its mind

The world we live in today has nothing to do with the one we lived in last year, everything has changed and it has changed for the worse. Never have people been more sensitive to controversial issues, or been punished more heavily for speaking their minds. The level of manipulation in the markets is unprecedented, it’s almost like a bartender at the end of their shift after doing shots with clients all evening trying to clean up to go home, just messy and disorganized. 

There are specific talks about the introduction of mandatory vaccines, but now think, if the vaccine works and will keep you safe from the virus, well then why is it mandatory and why would a vaccinated individual who consented to the vaccine have to worry? It may sound like tin foil hat conspiracy, but there is something very alarming about what is going to happen. 


Our target is 1.1160


Our target is 1.2170


Our target is 1.3740


Our target is 1744.05

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