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The rush to reopen

If we had the measures in place to sustain the lockdown it would have been easier on the economy, but most countries are now rushing to reopen even those like the US that have reached 80K deaths. We understand that getting the economy up and running again is crucial, especially for some who have lost their jobs.

The outlook of these moves is running a risk of reinfection, if that happens we are at risk of hurting the economy even more and what’s worse placing people at risk. 

In other news, the China and US fight goes on where Trump has just blocked a major retirement fund from investing in Chinese Stocks. But China now has the potential with the weakening of the US to fight back, it would almost seem as though the coronavirus was convenient for China in this regard.


Our target is 1.0880


Our target is 1.2440


Our target is 1.3850


Our target is 1750.00

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