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The pandemic grace period is expiring!

As millions face losing power in their homes over unpaid utilities, the matter has worsened as the period of deferred payments is coming to an end. This would mark the start of the bubble collapsing where we have seen a dramatic rise in unemployment but at the same time recovery in the stock market. In Europe, if the unemployment rate was calculated correctly, then there is evidence to suggest it would be around 11% and not 7.9%.

We are beginning to see all the events soon come into play that we have been outlining and why we see the markets as one of the hardest environments to trade in. but there will soon be a level of volatility that will be unprecedented and we still see a black swan event likely that will take traders by surprise.

In the markets:

We remain on the opinion that the dollar is weak but there is still evidence to suggest one last reach before the downside resumes if we get an up-close on the day today in GBPUSD and EURUSD then we may have made a significant low in the markets and we will seek higher prices for the remainder of the year but there are still price levels on the downside calling our attention so we will stick with the narrative until proven wrong.

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