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The media is not even trying to hide their bias anymore…

This election is proving the most obvious in an attempt to sway voters. Where paid media outlets like CNN are more than happy to discuss anything negative involving Trump, but the most recent scandal, tying sleepy Joe Biden to the Chinese communist party as a compromised president, is off limits!

Trading signals Asia forecasts a wide array of violence coming in next week as tensions are running higher than ever in regards to the virus and those praying for a fair vote. It is Ludacris how involved big tech and the media are in controlling the bias and censoring anything negative for the criminal running up candidate Joe Biden.

In the markets:

Since we are so close to the elections trading signals Asia is recommending a very low amount of risk be taken these days to avoid being caught off guard as markets move slower while large money sits on the side waiting. Perhaps at this time, it’s more favourable to control risk by using binary options with higher expiration on pairs like EURUSD and GBPUSD following our free signals guidelines.

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