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The Chinese mask model has failed

Without transparency as to how the lockdown methods China used when the virus broke out. We do not know for sure how well the methods are in preventing the spread of the virus. But logically having some material on your face from a box that clearly states it doesn’t protect against viruses is somewhat alarming to still be considered mandatory.

The free world of the west outside of the Chinese communist party has seen cases rising despite masks imposed and yet the data has always been manipulated as world cases were rising at alarming rates while China the epicenter of the world remained the same. Now we must consider if there is a higher motive for this panic-induced virus and whether This was China’s opportunity to weaken global economies and expand its own! 

In the markets:

We get the week started off aggressively with the FED speaking later on today which should see weakness in the dollar as we expect the prices to start trading lower and the foreign currencies against the dollar to trade higher over the course of the day. If we do not get the break lower then it will likely mean we have a bullish dollar for the remainder of the month and we could see aggressive drops in foreign currencies as we approach elections.

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