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The big difference in votes and why this is looking rigged

Usually, the presidential candidate and the state congressional candidate reflect very similar vote numbers. This means that when people vote for let’s say Trump they will also vote for the state congressional candidate that supports Trump. For example, in Michigan, there is a difference between Trump and the GOP candidate of only 7,131 votes. With Biden there is a staggering 69,000 vote difference! This doesn’t ever happen in US elections, where someone votes for a democrat president and a republican state candidate (let that sink in).

Trading signals Asia found that in Georgia it was even worse:

Trump: 2,432,799
GOP Sen: 2,433,617
Difference: 818

Biden: 2,414,651
Dem Sen: 2,318,850
Difference: 95,801

Still think this is a fair election?

In the markets:

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