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The age of disinformation strikes again

Employee’s of Facebook continue quitting in protest of the censorship to some topics forming a political bias amongst the users. Considering Facebook is a huge database for human thinking and behaviour they are able to use this data to push a narrative in the current economic climate. For example, censoring a Chinese virologist who tried to speak up about the cover-up Beijing and the WHO organization are trying to cover up regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Look at the markets:

We are still in a range-bound environment in the dollar and this is locking up foreign currencies against it but even while we are range-bound the dollar indicates bullishness for now so selling foreign pairs against the dollar is favored. We see EUR and GBP trading lower today against the dollar while USDCAD could see strength to the upside. Gold we expect lower prices in the short term but we will need to get a strong break to the upside on the dollar first.

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