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Stores block windows in preparation for the election

As we near the election, storefronts and retail shops are prepping for the upcoming chaos that may happen on the streets. The level of censorship and collaboration with big tech giants to create a huge bias towards the Biden campaign has fueled the country with so much anger and frustration. 

There will likely be a large move in the market that will be unprecedented and as we get closer the signs of that will become more apparent, as the markets show signs that something is not right. Remember a Biden win means the stock market drops and the USD rallies and a Trump win means stocks will run higher and USD drops.

In the markets:

Today we are seeing a weaker dollar to finish off the week with foreign currencies like GBPUSD and EURUSD trading higher gradually over the course of the day. We are speculating that there are still one or two objectives on the upside before we see a sell-off in the foreign pairs so our long-term outlook is bearish and the short term from today into next week is bullish.

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