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Social media censorship and bias

It seems nowadays posting the truth, if it conflicts with a big tech agenda, is simply brought down and censored. The snowflakes at twitter and Facebook seem to be blocking anything and everything that can harm the Biden campaign but are more than happy to allow for posts and tweets regarding trump to smear the campaign. This conflict of interest gets in the way of true journalism and floods the population with disinformation. 

Recently it was revealed how Hunter Biden, Joe Bidens son, had been involved in Ukrainian politics along with his father Joe Biden who, with emails detailing bribes, corruption and other related affairs. Of course, when the newspapers published this on the front pages, anyone who attempted to share it on twitter had their post removed. This Election is pretty important for the world over and with so much corruption who knows at this point what to expect.

In the markets:

The markets are now becoming increasingly riskier as we approach the elections, we are for now expecting a weaker dollar and that should push foreign currencies higher in the short term, but remember we are still in the consolidation which is yet to be broken. Its Friday risk should be kept tight and the economic calendar is heavy with dollar news later in the day.

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