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Say goodbye to cash and welcome to vaccine retaliation!

As we step further into this economic environment it becomes more obvious as to why lockdowns are occurring, why China has started this Covid19 pandemic and what may lay in the next round when we get to the flu season. More and more cash is disappearing and what better way to introduce a digital currency than to first scare people into using cash. Covid19 seems to be a great tool to accomplish this task, meanwhile, China has accumulated so much gold and there are talks about Chinese digital currency, would it be any surprise if that digital currency were backed by gold?

Before we get to the end of this year, pay attention to the markets are going to get very wild! In the meantime, we have a weaker dollar that we are for now expecting to see further declines but be cautious as we are approaching an area where we may consider seeing a turnaround in prices.

Trade now!

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