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Protests are great to smoke screens for crime

As the BLM protest and riots rage out of hand, the protestors have not missed this opportunity to cause a surge in home invasions which have spiked in the San Francisco area by 42%. This will undoubtedly cause a rise in fear from homeowners and well the police to have their hands full with not only officers being shot but trying to regain control of the crime outbreak. As we had mentioned previously we do not believe the crime will stop there and we expect in the near future for crime to move into the food sector as food prices will soon spike as the shortages get bigger and closer to hitting the markets.

In the markets:

We have the FED and the BOE speaking today and wouldn’t you know it they have both arranged to speak at the exact same time… nothing strange there considering the level of repairing taken effect in the market that has made these markets incredibly hard this year to trade. So we will be monitoring this as we get closer to the event as we expect to see a weaker dollar today and stronger foreign currencies.

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