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Out on bail!

Here we go, wait for a whole new wave of BLM protests to hit the street as an anonymous donor paid $1 million to get the officer responsible for George Floyds death to be released from prison facing murder charges.

It wouldn’t be surprising at this point if the donor was either Hillary Clinton or George Soros as the protests have lost some steam so it almost seems like a great democrat move to throw some more wood onto the fire as the black community is outraged despite George Floyd actually dying from a drug overdose as the autopsy showed. Nevertheless, more violence is expected and more looting and shooting.

In the markets:

The FOMC turned out to be a non-event with currencies dead in the water. We have two central bank economic events today and one we expect to finally send GBPUSD out of its long extended range that seems unbreakable! Our outlook is for lower prices in GBPUSD and EURUSD while GBP should be the main focus of today

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