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Opportunity to the downside?

While the dollar remains above 99.70 and showing strength some may be tempted to buy EURUSD at these low prices but until the dollar breaks further downside can be expected today with prices reaching for 1.0525

If the line is crossed this should present a one-sided trade opportunity to the downside.

Tesla saw gains yesterday as the dow jones and S&p failed to drop on the US numbers yesterday but should we get the decline today this stock is still targeting 260 a share.

Silver is still one to keep an eye on with this economic storm, if the first line is breached and trades through to the second then buy opportunity for the long term may be available on the other hand if it can not breach the first line then you can look to short, the second line may act as resistance so the price can trade up to the second line and then trade short so for long trades wait for the breach of the second line.

While crude retains some gains yesterday it has not been fully convincing and we may still see oil target $15 a barrel and if there is an aggressive move in price then $12.

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