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No sign of authorities, the first shock wave is coming

As the elections are currently showing a Biden election, people have taken to the streets already even though the states are still counting votes and will likely continue for the coming week to two weeks. Now, for now, Biden is leading but consider that the states still pending are favoring Trump, so if they continue going in favor of Trump then this will be a knock out for Biden. And  just as we are writing these trading signals Asia was notified that Trump just won Florida which means if Trump gains Texas and Pennsylvania then Trump will come out victorious. 

In the markets:

 The volatility within the markets has been mild in relation to what has happened but markets have been very responsive when it comes to direction. When Trump leads the Dollar drops and when Biden leads the dollar rises. We are expecting to see the dollar weaken as trump will likely dominate the state of Texas and this should push the USD down and promote foreign currencies as well as gold.

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Trading signals Asia :

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