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No one is buying, people are saving money!

Today is met with the opportunities outlined yesterday.

Finally, EUR/USD woke up and got to the price levels to start selling

Our price target continues to be at the lower end of 1.0575 and then 1.0350,

GBP/USD may prove to be the strongest seller as we are still looking for 1.1290 to reach

So, we could start selling off now or it may reach for 1.1800 just before either way expect some nice selling opportunities.

USD/JPY we are targeting 115. So with dollar strength, this could be a great addition if you’re looking for ways to buy the dollar

Now on stocks:

There are no buys in stocks, warren buffet wants to buy stocks? Sit down Warren Buffet, not this market! No there are only selling opportunities now

Cars! No one is buying, people are saving money!

The target is still 260 a share, if it gets some move up it will likely stop at 532 and again this only gives you a better entry and more room to sell it  

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