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No more than 6 people in a group!!!

The UK is showing us what may be in store for everyone if the ridiculousness of this situation continues. With the rising spike in Covid-19 cases, the restrictions by the government have stated that no more than 6 people can be in a group whether at home or outside, people can be fined up to £3,200. Meanwhile, in the US, gun sales are through the roof and wealthy Americans buy up property in the Caribbean and move out from their homes ahead of the presidential elections.

Now where we stand in the markets with what is occurring and given how close we are to elections we can now expect the markets to go into a gradual trend in the lead up to the elections which will likely create the sentiment in the markets on who will likely to be elected for president. So pay close attention, and if Trump is elected, Trading Signals Asia will start to include a few interesting stocks to trade that will do well under his new term.

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