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“Most Extensive Voter Fraud Organization In History”

In what is starting to look like Biden had a moment of delusion or mistakenly just let everyone know what inner workings the democrats are up to, to defraud Americans and the voter system. In a recent interview, the statement above was said by sleepy Joe Biden himself which is very concerning for how this may all play out and would explain the level of aggression and against trump voters and the destruction of ballot boxes.

Trading signals Asia sees this as the new potential black swan in the water and although there is a good chance of a Trump victory, the Biden campaign may engineer something that will send markets into a tailspin! As we near the time we will send trading signals with closer targets to minimize risk.

In the markets

Trading signals Asia has identified key support levels in EUR and GBP against USD which may be favourable for a buy while we are expecting weakness in the USD. So the signals will have upside targets for EURUSD and GBPUSD while USDCAD should be weak over the next couple of days before we get ready for a potential turnaround! It is the duty of Trading signals Asia, to warn traders we are getting closer to elections and this is a time to be very cautious with the risk being taken.

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