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Low Volatility….

During the coming of the end of the month and the starting of a new one, it’s important to understand that market volatility and the odds of favourable moves can fall off, causing trades to become riskier than normal. While we have an understanding of where price may trade, our risk becomes very low for our trades.

We are expecting overall a weaker dollar, and this may finally promote the positions in gold and see forex pairs against the dollar rise.

The stock market is still being artificially inflated and allows no room for trading, it makes no logical sense as to why it is trading where it is so we could see in the near term something crazy occurs in that market.


We are expecting a buy-in from this pair but for now, there are mixed signals and no general entries as the price has been heavily consolidated.


We are not expecting any further downside in this pair with our higher-end objectives at 1.2570 to be met today.


We may finally see our objecting of 1.3550 come in today on the downside 


Our target for today is to finally get 1750.00

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