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Let’s consider the question everyone is thinking but no one is saying

Why all of a sudden after the last presidential debate are the republicans all getting Covid-19?

They were all sitting in the same room, so how is it that the democrats have come off free from the virus?

Could it be that someone paid by the democrats came in and wiped the republican seating and Trump stood with the virus before the debate started? These are important questions as now Biden has gone on record to say “if Trump still has the virus we should not do the debate on the 15th”

Now we all know sleepy Joe Biden struggles to put sentences together and stay awake, so it would be all too convenient that something this ridiculous could also be true.

As we stated before the democrats are coming in full force and they have always played dirty but this time they will not accept losing, and if they do, do not be shocked if there is a situation like the JFK assassination.

In the markets:

We got the selloff we were seeking with a down close on the day which puts us on target for what we have been waiting for with lower prices in the EUR and GBP against the dollar as the dollar climbs higher and gold also sells off, we will be expecting more to these moves today, but be cautious as we have FOMC minutes today that are always wild cards and can surprise markets!

Trade now!

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