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Let the corruption scandal begin

In the latest news, a whistleblower from Michigan postal service has come forward to announce that his superiors instructed him to collect mail-in votes that were stamped outside of the deadline. Let us clarify this, trading signals Asia has found that a whistleblower is detailing corruption in the vote collection system. By taking mail-in votes, the employee was instructed to collect the ones outside the deadline date and then separate them so they could be stamped with the 3rd of November time stamp. Now whether this helps Biden or Trump it’s regardless, the law in places states that no votes can be counted after the 3rd of November.

This whistleblower could provide significant fire to the Trump argument that the integrity of the voting system has been compromised and foul play is in the works. This will light a fire into the already highly divided nation.

In the markets:

Trading signals Asia has identified a high potential for a turnaround in the declines seen in GBPUSD and as we expect a weaker dollar, we could see a great deal of upside soon in GBPUSD. Gold is another asset that is becoming increasingly attractive to investors at the 3K mark. If we get some significant downside in the dollar we could see an event where gold skyrocket! Stay tuned to our reviews for more updates and insights.

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