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Just shut up man…

While Biden resorted to offending his opponent Trump, he exceeded expectation by being awake for more than 90 minutes! But all jokes aside, Trump still came out looking better between the two despite the whole debate being a ridiculous demonstration of what the US has to represent their country. 

In saying that we must acknowledge that Biden still belongs to the little Elite club of the democrats up there with Hillary Clinton and of course their favourite funding guy Goerge Soros. Trump at least doesn’t belong to this corrupt club and this is why the Democrats will pull every dirty trick in the book to gain the election. All we know is this will not end well!

In the markets:

We may have been a day early in our GBPUSD outlook as today has started showing the signs we were seeking the breakdown in price while USDCAD had risen despite a fall in the dollar. Today we want to see real strength in the dollar because if we get a day of strong declines we may have to look at the possibility of a longer-term low in place.

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