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Joe Biden calls for a $15,000,000 living wage

In a stream of “teleprompter errors” sleepy Joe Biden couldn’t remember if he was running for president or for the senate! Joe Biden is clearly mentally unwell and it would be ridiculous that the man running for president who would have his finger on the nuclear button for America wouldn’t be able to recall he is running for president. He also called for a $15,000,000 dollar living wage and a $15,000 minimum wage, his statement looked a little something like this: “$15 million dollar min – a 15 thousand dollar — ha. $15 dollar minimum wage,”

There are not great choices when it comes to US presidents right now but it would be better to have someone who wasn’t constantly confused and clearly not going to be the one in charge, he is just the face and those behind him will be pulling the strings

In the markets:

Again we have another slow day ahead as the economic calendar has a couple of light news to come concerning the dollar and GBP so we can expect something similar to yesterday with but overall we are still looking for a short term weaker GBP and if the dollar can gain some strength gold should start declining with GBP

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