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Is there a crash coming, or is this a time to buy stocks?

In what we have seen, tech stocks have never done so well as they did with the pandemic. Tech companies have greatly benefited from the lockdown and have seen their share price rise. However, they are carrying with them some stocks that are more worrying and that’s why there is such a divide between buy or sell.

Here is what will make or break the market, if Trump is elected president again, then we will likely see the stock market run higher creating a solid bull market. But, if we see Biden is elected, then we will likely see a much greater stock market crash than what we saw in the start of Covid-19. Biden wants to raise tax, and this will only serve to weaken an already hurt economy.

For today, we see a stronger dollar and weaker foreign currencies, so be mindful today is Friday and its NFP so keep your risk tight and get ready for the carnival ride that is the NFP.

Trade now!

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