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If they can tax the rich, they will drive wealth out the country

Those who aren’t millionaires would like to see the rich taxed more heavily, but the question is if these liberals where millionaires would they accept the same measures?

As governments scramble to find ways to keep the economies running, California in a desperate attempt has decided to start taxing the rich, which is a poor idea at best. As the rich become aware of this measure, they will leave the state to other places or indeed countries to preserve their wealth which would result in failure for the government to get more money but also driving what little was keeping the consumer spending running. There are deep negative effects in taxing the rich and what the poor don’t understand about this is that the rich are providing jobs, the more welcoming a country is to the rich the more incentive there is to establish businesses and push the economy to run better. 

So the question is, do these governments want things to get better? Or is this part of a global reset that is underway?

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