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Silver has offered a huge discount

So GBPUSD traded lower yesterday down to the 1.2180 level, came just shy of it we could see price just dip into that from the low it created at 1.2193 if the price rejects then there could by higher strike prices available on the upside and if strong momentum to the 1.2630 if trades are taken around the economic events.

This might provide upside opportunity with a weakening of the euro area the GBP remains the better currency against the dollar

Stocks consolidated yesterday and we could see further declines between today and tomorrow for those looking for CFD trading over a longer time frame 

The 200 mark on the ETF if the next possible downside if this starts to occur look at the stocks available on the s&p 500 offered in the stocks tab for shorting opportunities 

Silver has offered a huge discount, if we start to see a reversal here then the above graph will indicate where to look for the buy, it would require getting above the outlined redline to have a significant push up to 17.60 and from there if there are no rejections further upside in silver for long term positions 

We will need the markets to digest today’s news and then tomorrow morning we can outline a strong directional bias as to what to look for the remainder of march and which currency will be the best traded.

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