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Hidden agendas

Just like 9/11 the ideas of why and how the coronavirus came to us, is beginning to look like the uncovering of the truth rather than a conspiracy theory.

It seems there is a desire for control over the population that we will willingly give in the face of fear, and there is a saying that a government never lets a good crisis go to waste.

With that said, the impacts on the economy have still been devastating, Gold appears to be on the rise as the dollar continues to weaken, JP Morgan has announced that they officially believe the bottom to the stock market is in…. well that just means to us that it’s time to start selling the stock market and we may finally see all the numbers of unemployment show their impact, of course, Commodities and stocks move usually in opposite directions so if gold is going up, expect stocks to go down.

Let’s see what this means for your trading today:


Continuing with our EURUSD position, as we outlined in the update of the trade from yesterday, if the dollar temporarily strengthened after we hit our first objective yesterday then we could see a minor decline in the EURUSD, but this would only allow for people who missed the trade to get back in. Seems EURUSD was forgiving yesterday and allowed the second chance to get into the trades. Our target remains for the week at 1.1050


We saw remarkable movement yesterday in GBPUSD, it seems the pair is finally on the move, it did not yet our target in the day but overnight it finally hit our first target of 1.2550. today we are expecting further upside and should see for the remainder of the week our target of 1.2720.


We still haven’t gotten the move we wanted in this pair, but once the oil news has set in and the dollar further weakens then we could see this pair finally move to the downside and hit our target of 1.3550.


Gold provided us with almost instant results yesterday after buying this asset we saw a 13% return, and we are still expecting Gold to hit 1790.00 this week, which means tomorrow we may include our pick for the US stock market to sell.

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