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Governments love control

What concerns us at at the moment is the coronavirus and of course its impact on our present lives. But what appears to be more alarming is the fact that the governments around the world seem to be taking full advantage of the chaos to take more of our freedoms apart.

It is no longer crazy to look back at the films where our passports clears us for certain sectors of those vaccinated and those not or having microchips to control movement flow. This may not go well with some people and with anger concerning freedom and now rising prices of food, we can only hope to see something normal return before panic runs to the streets!

It is important to monitor how the banks are acting and how the price of gold trades in the coming days as this will give us an indication of where the economies may be heading.


Our target is for 1.0900, we may see a decline before.


Our target is for 1.2520, we may see a small decline before 


Our target is 1.3855, we will see if dollar weakness comes in today or tomorrow 


Our target is still for 1750.00  but we are expecting some downside today before we get this price.

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