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Global recession? What’s next….

The reason the stock market has stayed sideways and not collapsed as we expected is due to the Federal reserve, printing money to keep things afloat. Now, of course, this provides short term cover, but this cannot go on forever.

Uber conducted a zoom call, dismissing 3000 employee’s and this is a growing trend. So what can we expect? The value of gold to rise in the coming months, this is why we continue to include gold in our analysis. It is consolidating for now but we are expecting higher prices in the future.

We are still expecting a weaker dollar going into this month as the data out of the US will show how it’s being artificially pumped up and that the day will come when it must be paid for and that will be by the people who are not employed to do so anymore.


Our target is 1.0940


Our target is 1.2440


Our target is 1.3850


Our target is 1750.00

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