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Get ready for the second round of lockdowns

It seems to be common sense to not lift the lockdown measures until there are zero cases but the rush to reopen is now showing the world that they should have waited for a little longer but instead, we will not have second measures of lockdowns as epicentres emerge all over the world again. An interesting study by a Japanese scientist found that there is strong evidence to suggest that the virus is man-made and a bioweapon, as naturally occurring viruses, tend to be adaptable to climates of the place it came from but in this case, the virus seems to be fine in any climate over the world.

With that said, the price of gold is reaching new highs and silver being the poor man’s gold has hit record highs not seen for 40 years. Yes, indeed we will continue seeing very big moves going into the next quarter, stay tuned because we are far from done here but be cautious because there will be an increased risk in markets.

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