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Food banks are warning, that cities across the US are struggling

As people who never thought they would need to turn to a food bank, which is a place you go to get food when it’s no longer affordable, have been turning up in greater numbers every day and the food bank workers can see all the tears in the eyes of people that have lost jobs and savings from the Covid lockdowns.

Millions of people have been going to the food banks which is a real indicator that the stock market although has been rising that it is not sustainable while jobs have been created this is only within a handful of tech companies leading the markets.

Big banks that have said they will not cut jobs have started cutting jobs and even two major banks have spoken about merging together which is a sign of risk in the banking sector.

For now, unless we expect lower prices in EURUSD, GOLD, and GBPUSD unless we have an up day today then we could be looking at a potential low in the markets and begin seeking higher prices, but today the markets must trade aggressively lower for our analysis to be correct

Trade now!

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