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As cases continue to rise, rushing to reopen economies may backfire and cause new waves of the virus. Of course, you can expect that this push comes from big companies on the edge of collapse and not for the good of the people. And many want the economy reopened but the majority vote for no.

We are starting to see the effects this week of the lockdown measures, already large companies are starting to collapse with small businesses being affected the worse.

We are starting to enter a great depression mainly because now food suppliers are starting to shut their doors for business. At the same time, grocery shop workers are also getting ill, do not think we are close to done, focus on managing your trading here because this job is recession-proof if you can trade you always have a job.


Target to seek this today 1.1060


Target to seek today: 1.2720


Target to seek today: 1.3850


Target to seek today: 1750.00

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