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“Everybody dies” Elon musk slams Bill gates

Elon Musk has slowly lost faith in humanity with lockdowns and the pushing for a vaccine against COVID-19. It is curious as to why Bill Gates is pushing so hard stating that for the vaccine to work everybody must be vaccinated, but surely a vaccine works to prevent infection from those not vaccinated so why must everybody have it?

Elon Musk has publicly stated that he nor his children will take the vaccine and nobody can argue with this because of the level of disinformation regarding Covid-19 and the reckless acts of government to lock down cities and destroy businesses that in some cases will never come back. The next round of lockdowns in the UK are already guaranteeing 1 million unemployed to add to the impact.

In the markets:

We are just behind the NFP numbers which usually keeps the week slow up to the release of the number, we don’t care much for what the number is, we want to see the initial price reaction and the after the news digest trade into the opposite direction for the month. We stand with a bullish outlook for the dollar still and expect to see prices drop in EURUSD and GBPUSD between now and the NFP release.

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