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Economic shock!

Just like earthquakes, we are witnessing the primary wave of economic shocks to the economy, get comfortable because a secondary shock is underway, and just when the biggest depression sets into the markets, investors for some reason have never been more bullish!

Fortune favors the brave, and in this case, it takes courage to stand on the lines that this crash has not even begun but fortunately for those who see there is an opportunity to take advantage of.

So, let’s dive straight into it


So yesterday saw the first level targeted at 1.0772 we should now see price gradually go to 1.0900 if we trade below 1.0772 then expect lower prices to come, but if we trade above 1.0900,  then expect the 1.1060 level to be the next upside target.


We hit our level yesterday of 1.2190 now that we have done this we will see if price can go to 1.2475 if we get there expect higher prices to 1.2720 but again, if we go below 1.2190 then expect lower prices as the dollar will be strengthening.


As long as dollar continues to weaken and the other pairs go up, then this pair should start to fall as the dollar weakens targeting 1.3920 however, we need to stay below 1.4144 for this if we go above we may see higher prices to 1.4350.


Today could finally be the day that we start to see the massive decline, although it may well drag into tomorrow as they delay the inevitable for what is to come, nevertheless, stay tuned to this asset, because if you don’t have the time to look at individual stocks and you just want to ride the crash this is the asset to do it with and ETF’s should decline with a lot more force when it occurs.

Good luck good trading.

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