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Dollar down Gold up, but for how long?

Trump is now calling himself a wartime president, and the markets strangely look like they are showing signs that a war may be coming, but is this what they want you to think?

Is there going to be an “event” that will be fake news? This is called a false flag event (think 9/11), and at the moment, gold and oil are showing signs of this.

In the meantime, 6 million Americans have just said: holy crap, I don’t know how I’m going to sustain my living for the next few weeks…

This is now 17 million Americans unemployed in 3 weeks! Let’s look at what this means for your trading


We are still seeking 1.1060 most of the move has taken place yesterday and if all goes to plan we should see another move up today, but it is Friday, and typically Fridays tend to reverse on the week or consolidate, so if you have not already bought this run, be very cautious with the risk.


Again, looking for a continuation to the 1.5020 level in this pair, and if it gets a lot of energy, we could soon see prices go to 1.2770 as the next target for the upside.

Keep in mind that this pair has been consolidating for some time now and between this pair and EURUSD this one may be the better buy as there is more strength in GBP.


We are still expecting further weakness in the Dollar and prices to lead to 1.3550.

GOLD: Sell

Too many people are wanting to buy gold right now, and the way all these commodities are being priced in, our expectation is actually to see strong declines in the price of gold from 1684 to 1400. The chart above is a daily chart on binary, and this is where after our targets are hit on the FX pairs, we expect Gold over the coming days to decline and later see a form of strength in the Dollar. (this is a long-term outlook) but if we are right will provide many days of one-sided trading to the downside.

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