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Did the WHO just confirm COVID death rate less than the flu?

The WHO organization has just confirmed that its best estimates put the total world infection at 10%. The global population is around 7.8 billion so that equates to 780 million cases while the current global death toll stands at 1,061,539. That is a fatality rate of about 0.14% which is right in line with the common flu and if you then add some of the inaccurate and over-reporting of COVID in the system the fatality rate is likely to be even lower than the flu.

Just goes to show that this is a complete overreaction that has benefitted governments worldwide seeking to take our freedoms and fulfil and agenda and this has come at the cost of killing businesses while large conglomerates like Amazon have done fantastically well in this environment. It seems that all the key elements are about to come into play next year for food shortages as the next crisis to hit the world.

In the markets: 

The week has largely been lackluster and we see volatility dropping off as large funds keep the money out of the markets as we near elections. The level of uncertainty is alarming and the markets seem to be setting up for a large move that could come at the end of the month

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