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With the current issues on the economy of the CORONAVIRUS and UNEMPLOYMENT numbers, it is showing mixed results for the currencies we want to trade, now while EURUSD and GBPUSD both went down as expected, they did not trade to our price levels we were expecting.

So now we will have to monitor a few things, either we start trading back to the levels we were looking for to sell from or the pairs are too weak and will continue trading lower


EURUSD the levels to watch are 1.117 if its trades to there then this would present a very good level to sell from, if it trades below 1.0990, then watch to see if it goes to 1.0930 if this happens then we are likely to see the continuation for the week to 1.0520, alternatively if we trade to 1.0930 and start to go up above 1.1020 then we are likely to trade up to 1.1170 so there is a lot to watch but this is the scenarios we will monitor.


GBPUSD it started to go lower from yesterday towards our target but has not hit the level we wanted first to sell from (1.2500), if we trade to it today at 1.2500 then we want to see if this will trade lower, if it trades over 1.2510 then we could expect it to go a little higher, but our target is to sell and reach 1.1640 so today could be a good day to sell.


Tesla is still looking good to be sold down to 260 as our first price target, the next level to monitor for another selling opportunity is $435, if Tesla goes to that level we could see further selling come into the market.


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