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Chinese farmers are hoarding wheat

But the Chinese are likely to not be the only ones hoarding food produce as farmers are aware the supply has fallen and increasingly it has become more expensive to farmers to destroy the oversupplied crops than to just not produce as much, but of course, this will result in a crash. 

Next year we could see a rise in food prices like no other, with a commercial bull market in food it’s no wonder some farmers are hoarding goods to take advantage of the huge surge in prices.

While the metals market could see higher prices next year, the real value will be in food goods.

With that said we can expect a level of volatility today in EURUSD but the issue is we have a situation where the dollar may decline and the Euro as well which mean that against the dollar the GBP may be the strongest trade of the day, of course, if the news is good for the Euro or on the off chance they raise the interest rate or give an indication they will raise rates then the best trade will be in EURUSD.

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