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China failed to warn the world and should be held accountable

According to internal documents of the CCP from trusted sources and whistleblowers, it appears the first covid patients in China emerged as early as September. The documents that were leaked show that patients were hospitalized long before the official timeline released by the Chinese government.

It should come as no surprise though as the Chinese government has continually refused to allow WHO officials and US medical officials to come into the country to study the disease. But of course, nothing will happen no matter how many jobs and businesses get shut down globally because the only way to get justice and answers is through war and we pray we never get to that.

In the markets:
We are still very bearish dollar now and want to see it really break down over the coming days but we need to contend with the downside today in foreign currency like the GBPUSD which is of course to the downside as this pair is offering great opportunities but is very complex to trade currently while the other currencies like EURUSD and USDCAD as less complex but offer less volatility. Once the elections are done we will be in for amazing trading conditions!

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