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Bring in the national guard!

As we arrive at the election day, the national guard in multiple cities are preparing for the potential chaos that may go down after the election is complete. Trading signals Asia assumes that we will, either way, see bloodshed, violence and vandalism. This is one of the most geared up elections to date and tensions are running high. Local shops are barricading their doors and households are finding safe places to park their cars and protect their belongings. If there is a Trump victory the democrats are going to be furious.

In the markets:

The trade signals we are handing out today have a little bit closer objectives, this is to give traders an opportunity to get in and out quickly for those who don’t want to be involved in the election as the markets could deliver significant volatility that will be widely unpredictable so the risk is high. Trading signals Asia, is expecting and predicting a Trump victory and as such we could see the dollar weaken and stocks begin to trade much higher as well as gold!

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Trading signals Asia:

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