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Blow to the democratic party: Hunter emails authentic!

In a huge blow to the democrats, the FBI in possession of the Hunter laptop has confirmed that the emails found are authentic and tie both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden to the corruption and that this is no longer in question nor is it a Russian hoax!

Joe Biden has also been linked to Ukraine through his time under the Obama administration using Ukraine to create a stream of disinformation to tie Trump to Russia. The elections have taken a turn for the worse for Biden and we must now be cautious as the democrats will use everything in their corrupt power to claw back the election to their favour, how anyone could still be considering voting for Biden is beyond any rational person’s understanding.

In the markets:

We are expecting another round of volatility to come into the markets with an initial stronger dollar and then see a sell off which will allow GBP and EUR to run to higher prices with EUR seeing ECB (Central bank President speaking) so the focus could be in EUR however if the sentiment of the ECB is bearish then against the USD, GBP will run much higher and be the focus of the day!

Trade now!

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