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Biden: “A racial jungle”

While Biden is appealing to the black community and telling people Trump doesn’t like black people, he may forget that once he stated this racial comment before he ever knew he was running for president! Now with all the corruption that has emerged and potential child pornography and now this, is this really the man people are even considering to be president with a huge tax plan to take their money?

As we near the Elections be prepared for the gearing up of violence and crime and general unrest as this election may create a variety of unwanted surprises.

In the markets:

We are expecting an overall weak dollar but there are some critical levels that could be traded to on the upside, this is why markets are risky because we can see the trades on both ends, but the strong bias is for a weaker dollar today after foreign currencies trade lower first and then the dollar should push them up aggressively again along with gold.

Trade now!

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