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Back the blue is the new movement

As police have been defunded in some states in the US, billboards have gone up warning people of the state of the police departments and the lack of police on the street.

As the Democrats continue to push their agenda to win the vote from the poor and minorities, the game of chaos continues to be played.

Due to the defunding of the police, this has weakened the police force and allowed BLM protestors to take it on themselves to ambush police as was seen over the weekend with two officers shot in their car…. But thankfully they will survive.

The dollar appears to be weakening and this could mean we see a turn around in the current price of GBPUSD as the UK begins looking stronger ahead of the trade agreement with Brexit so it would be worth keeping attention on GBPUSD this week as well as gold as markets become more uncertain, more money moves into the metals!

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